"Through the millennia, the Time Lords of Gallifrey led a life of ordered calm, protected against all threats from lesser civilisations by their great power. But this was to change. Suddenly, and terribly, the Time Lords faced the most dangerous crisis in their long history…"

— Fourth Doctor (via ava-drake)


8th Doctor


8th Doctor

young Narvin is young.  



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I may have been staring at these for almost 20 minutes. There is a lot I want to say but coherency is hard right now. But. His ears.

Jelly baby who
so I really shouldnt be allowed to go on Gimp….

Jelly baby who

so I really shouldnt be allowed to go on Gimp….

if rory had a tumblr… 



if rory had a tumblr he’d tag every funny post as OMFG DYING but unlike everyone else he would mean it literally


Bernice had known  that the freighter was carrying materials for Braxiatel’s intended museum on Maximediras. However, she hadn’t expected anything quite like this. Perhaps that grenade had given rise to hallucinations.

She stood in the freighter’s rear dome, gawping up at what Lynetta referred to as the head.

Braxiatel stared back down at her.

Or at least, this 150- foot model of his head.

God only knew  what it was made of, but it looked pretty solid. Possibly a combination of plastic, wood and brick. Lengthy steel struts tethered Braxiatel’s ears to opposing walls, while a third stretched taut between his scalp and the ceiling. His mouth seemed to double as an entrance door.

The face was intensely irritating. It’s smug expression said  Look at me!

Am I not incredibly wise and learned? Bernice pictured the bastard posing for the likeness, disguising his delight at the whole endeavour with paper-thin modesty. He had probably sat with a forefinger and thumb on his chin.

Bernice Summerfield: Present Danger


Braxiatel stood on top of a cliff face, quite alone. He wore a smart business suit. In his hands was a small silver box. There was a camera next to him. There were cameras all over this part of the planet as well as surveillance satellities in orbit.

The entire Deindum fleet screamed into the atmosphere, the shock waves kicking up thde thin dust around him.

There was a large chance he would be dead, and very soon.

His throat was dry. He was scared. Of all the things to be, he was scared.

The ships were getting closer and closer. He still couldn’t see if they….

… Braxiatel grinned.

The ships all had a single, like a vulture’s wing mounted to the top.

Braxiatel watched as the wing on each ship strarted to flap, for no reason other than it could.

Braxiatel actually laughed out loud.

His plan had worked

Now, all he had to do was work out what that plan was going to be.

All around him, the cameras began taking images of the Deindum fleet, uploading them to the datanet, which squirted the information across the galaxy.

Tiny spybots whizzed around the Deindum ships, capturing photographs of the Deindum commanders through the viewports. Each one becoming part of Braxiatel’s story.

‘Once upon a time the Deindum came for me,’ Braxiatel said still unsure what the next line of this story was, nervous he was about to find out.

Bernice Summerfield: Present danger

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"Everywhere you go they tell tales of the Doctor. There are galaxies far away from here where children sleep more soundly knowing he’s out there, fighting off the demons, and the demons twist and turn in fear knowing that their enemy awaits. So long as the stories are told, he’s never really gone."

— Leela, Zagreus (via timelordtechnology)